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    An explanation on China incoming express parcels customs clearance, by category

  Category A:
  Current customs rules stipulate that no duty is levied on documents with no commercial value, certificates, receipts  (required documents : express parcel shipping bills).

  Category B:
 Current customs rules stipulate that certain goods worth less that RMB400yuans are not subject to any duties (required documents: parcel, shipping bills 2.commerical invoices)

  Category C:
  Concerning certain restricted taxable goods worth not more than RMB 5,000yuans, the current People¨s Republic of China customs rules are applicable as follows: merchandize that is subject to administrative import and export restrictions, but exclusive of merchandize that is subject to quota regulation (documents requested: 1 express parcels shipping bills 2. original copies of commercial invoices)

  Category D:
   Applicable to goods other than Category A,B and C. For Category D express parcels, they are required by the customs department to submit import/export merchandize customs declaration and import/export merchandize/ goods are subject to customers declaration and certification related procedure

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