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(1) Once shipper have filled in our company waybill is equal to you are accepted our transportation terms and conditions.

(2) Shipper must provide the correct recipient¨s name, address and telephone number, any consequence or additional charges are the obligation of the shipper.

(3) Shipper must provide the correct and full description of the contents, different kinds of contents must be separately specified. General Descriptions such as ^Sample ̄, ^Spare parts ̄, ^Accessories´etc. if the goods description is not correct, a false, misleading or incomplete declaration may lead to the seizure of the item by the customs. otherwise shipper will have to pay us the transportation charge and all additional charges as the goods have been retained by the customs; all responsibility should not be borne by this company for any delay caused or retained by the customs.

(4) Shipper agree that we may open and inspect a shipment under government authority request or for customs inspection.

(5) According to the relevent regulation of IATA, when the volume weight is higher than the actual weight, the shipping fare should be collected in accordance with the volume weight; the formula is: Length x width x height 6000 = volume weight.

(6) Glass or fragile goods must be packed very safety and add protection, we have no responsibility if these cargos are damged or crashed.

(7) The express from the time it is accepted for transportation to the time it is delivered, during this period, this company shall not be liable for damages caused by :
1. Force majeure / act of God
2. Wars; natural calamity results and consequential loss.
3. Defective packing or poor quality of container impossible to be discovered from outside appearance.
4. Shortage of and damage to the contents of the express, which is complete in packing and has no irregularity in sealing.
5. For any delay caused, or retained, or non C returnable goods by the customs.

(8) If Shipper choose freight collect or bill third party and when they refused to pay the bills, Shipper must pay for this and all the additional charges (including return charges and warehouse charges ´.)

(9) Any liquid; guns; poisionous drugs; cash or any dangerous goods ´etc, and any prohibited article stipulated by the law, and relevent regulations of the destination country or region and any article prohibited by the carriers from shipping as express shipments; this company will not be responsible for any loss.and reserves the rights to claim all cost, loss, damages and compensation from the shipper..

(10) All claims must be made in writing and within 15 days, and also shipper must completely paid up the transportation charges before claiming, otherwise we will denial your claim. And the company will hold the shipments until the shipper paying what is owed on an account or bill.

(11) Shipper may get insurance facility by yourself, if you not consume insurance, our highest claim amount for document shipment is USD 20.00 each and for goods shipment is 3 x transportation charge but maximum could not over USD 100.00.

(12)When there is any argue about our terms and conditions occurred, bothside will discuss first, if still have no result, then any one side both have the rights to pass this case to the legal authorities or the regional court.

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