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  Mainland-Hongkong Express      

The core business of the Company is named Mainland-Hongkong Express which is a small parcels super express delivery service package. It caters to door to door shipments delivery between Hong Kong and China. The Company charters an experienced and dependable fleet of delivery trucks for daily pick ups and drop offs according to its customers specified address. These trucks operate in different time shifts around the clock and constantly travel between Hong Kong and the mainland. Customs clearance is also handled on behalf of its customers. It is truly a complete delivery package of goods and services.

International Express

To be able to meet the growing demand of our customers, A-Link strives to continue to develop its international express business and is proud to announce that we have now launched our International Express Product covering pick up of shipment from Hong Kong or Mainland China and deliver to Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, India and South Africa countries. We have other countries ready in the pipeline and this will soon be announced later stage. Our goal is to provide our Customers a one-stop logistic product with cost effectiveness service. Guidance from industrial experts and team up with like-minded business partner, our staffs are trained and committed to provide our customers a fast and reliable service. We also aims to offer great customer service and our easy-to-use website would provide our customers an easy experience in tracking their shipment from the point of pick up to the point of delivery.



Logistics Services


Customs Clearance


For its logistics delivery package, the Company continuously strives to improve and upgrade its quality and level of service to meet the ever elevating demand of its customers. Its objective is to deliver to its customers a low cost, speedy, safe and reliable service. It has so far managed to produce a signed acknowledgement receipt for more than 98% of its delivered shipments, which is a superbly high standard, especially in mainland China


Most of the Company¨s customs clearing staff have over ten years experience in handling customs declaration and clearance work for various types of shipments. Preshipment advice and recommendation is particularly important to avoid delay, damages, penalties and in some cases detention. It is a special service highly valued by its customers.



Warehouse Management




The Company provides its customers with a distribution chain service package which covers warehouse storage, inventory management, and distribution and delivery for goods and shipments. The complete storage and distribution records are clearly maintained in the Company¨s computer website and can at any time be viewed and retrieved by the customer.


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